Washington, DC

Once Upon A Time, the Good Witch, Cherokee Rose, along with her Sexy Sirens, Gigi Holliday, Cherie Sweetbottom and Roma Mafia descended upon the DCAC to read tales of whimsical delight, fairy dust and evil queens. It has been decreed, by the Lady of the Lake, that the 2nd Girls Reading DC event- the Fairytale Edition, will take place on November 16th at 730pm. Seating is limited. So if you want the chair that is just right, advance purchase is recommended.

A Review of Ghouls Reading by Roma Mafia

One dark and stormy night, four burlesque beauties converged upon The DC Arts Center and stripped down to reward a bevy of dedicated literary aficionados for braving the horrific weather. Equally terrifying were the stories the women told, of ghosts, monsters and murderers, and while the tales sent chills up the audience’s collective spine, their fears were strangely soothed by the bodacious bodies of the storytellers. A mystery indeed…

So began the eerie and tantalizing “Ghouls Reading,” the inaugural run of Girls Reading DC, and what a night it was! Each performer, despite the lack of actual clothing, managed to embody the spirit of Halloween perfectly, with founder Cherokee Rose as a witch, Cherie Sweetbottom as a Poe-era gothic steampunk, Gigi Holliday as an angel, and I, Roma Mafia, as a gory burn victim. Girls Reading was an entirely new experience for me, I’m very connected to my physicality, so it was unusual to be engaging in a kind of performance where I sat motionless on stage. However, I’ve always been a book buff, even working in a library for a number of years, and so the idea of combining two of my favorite things – nudity and tomes – made me want to dive right in. And you know what they don’t tell you? How difficult it is to actually be motionless for extended periods of time! I had an entirely new respect for art models after the show, when my body had convinced itself that it’d run a marathon.

Regardless, NGR was a wild success. Our extremely appreciative audience members air-dried as the ladies sat regally onstage, sipping wine and enjoying each others’ company. The scary stories ranged from ironic to ghastly, with the performers frequently playing off one another, and the lovely Cherokee Rose even donated her tarot card reading services during the intermissions! Never had predicting one’s future seemed so appealing. All in all, a memorable evening was had by everyone, and the Girls can’t wait to titillate more of our capitol’s citizens with their fairytale-themed show on November 16th!

Cherokee Rose, is delighted to bring her favorite theme, Ghouls Reading, to DC for the inaugural performance. Ghouls will showcase Burlesque lovelies Cherokee Rose, Roma Mafia, GiGi Holliday and Cherie Sweetbottom reading stories of fright, terror, and scary hilarity at the DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan.

The ladies will appear in “costume” of course and hope to see the same from the audience. You never know there just might be a Treat in it for you or maybe we are just trying to Trick you.

 Join us on October 19th at 7:30pm for a night of spine tingling performance.

Seating  is limited -advance purchase is recommended.