A Girl’s Cozy Reading Nook with Scented Candles

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved curling up with a good book and getting lost in imaginary worlds. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve created a perfect reading nook in my room where I can fully immerse myself in stories. My cozy reading space with scented candles is my oasis.

I’m lucky to have a bay window with a cushioned seat in my bedroom. That’s where I placed a large pillow and soft blanket to create the ultimate reading nest. I spend hours sitting there, enveloped in the oversized pillows and looking out at the trees swaying outside.

Natural light floods that little nook during the day, which is perfect. But once it starts getting dark, I light my scented candles to set the mood. I have candles in relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile, and clean cotton. They provide just enough light for reading while also filling the air with soothing aromas.

Beyond the candles, I have a small bookshelf within arm’s reach of my window seat. It’s filled with my favorite books from childhood classics to recent bestsellers. Whenever I finish a book, I love placing it back on the shelf. It’s deeply satisfying seeing that collection of stories I’ve read grow and grow.

I also keep a large mug on the bookshelf filled with my favorite pens and highlighters. As an English major, I can hardly read without scribbling notes in the margins. My books are filled with highlights and underlined passages galore. It’s kind of like a bookmark showing the moments that meant the most to me.

With a fuzzy blanket, scented candles, endless books, and some hot tea, my little reading nook is the definition of cozy. It’s the kind of space that instantly relaxes you and washes your stresses away. I’ll often spend entire weekend afternoons there, not even noticing the hours pass by.

Sometimes my cat Cocoa will curl up on the blanket beside me as I read. Her soft purring just adds to the tranquil atmosphere. Other times, my boyfriend will read his own book while I nestle against his shoulder with mine. We don’t even have to talk, just being together in our reading world is lovely.

My dreamy reading nook is truly my happy place. Seeing the dancing candlelight and inhaling the soothing scents while diving deep into a story is the best feeling ever. With everything going on in life, having a quiet space to escape to has been such a blessing. My room may be small, but this little reading window feels huge with its endless stories and imagination. Whenever I’m here, the outside world fades away and all that matters are the words on the page.