Enjoying Scented Candles While Reading at Night

After a long day, there’s nothing better than settling in with a good book and some scented candles to relax and unwind. The soft, ambient glow of candlelight creates a tranquil atmosphere, while the lovely scents envelop you in an aura of comfort and serenity. Here are some tips for making the most of this soothing nighttime ritual.

Choose the Right Candles

Not all scented candles are created equal. Look for candles made from natural soy, beeswax, or other clean-burning waxes. Essential oil-based scents will provide a more authentic aroma than synthetic fragrances. Experiment with different scents to find those that evoke certain moods or emotions. Floral and herbaceous scents like jasmine and rosemary are uplifting, while aromas like lavender and chamomile are calming. Woody scents like cedar and sandalwood promote relaxation.

Strategically Place Your Candles

Position your candles thoughtfully around your reading nook to maximize their soothing effects. Place one on a side table to cast a warm glow over your shoulder as you read. Set a candle on the mantle or a bookshelf to provide soft illumination. Group a few candles on the coffee table to create a circle of flickering light. Just be sure to keep candles away from flammable items and out of drafts.

Prep Your Reading Spot

Optimize your reading nook for comfort and ambiance. Curl up under a soft blanket in your favorite armchair or stretch out on the sofa. Have a hot beverage on hand like chamomile tea, warm apple cider, or hot chocolate. Keep a stack of books within reach so you don’t have to get up once you get settled. Finally, turn off any bright overhead lights and draw the curtains or blinds to shut out the busy world outside.

Lose Yourself in a Great Story

With your candles flickering and your body relaxed in your cozy reading spot, it’s time to lose yourself in the pages of a great book. Whether you prefer heart-racing thrillers, enchanting romances, fascinating biographies, or insightful self-help books, reading is a calming way to unwind. Pay attention to how your body feels as you read by candlelight, noticing the tension easing from your shoulders, your breathing slowing, and your racing thoughts quieting.

Take Time to Reflect

Periodically pause from reading to enjoy some mindful moments of reflection. Gaze at the mesmerizing dance of the candle flames. Inhale the scent deep into your lungs. Sip your beverage slowly. Feel gratitude for this simple pleasure. You may find your thoughts wandering to work or other responsibilities, but gently guide your focus back to the present. This ritual is about letting go of the demands of the day and nourishing your inner life.

Continue the Relaxation in Bed

When you’re ready to turn in for the night, blow out your candles and continue the warm, fuzzy feeling in bed. The scented candles will have filled the air with lingering fragrance to assist with sleep. Spritz your pillows with a calming linen spray, keep cozy with your favorite blanket, and let the silence and darkness soothe you into a deep, restful slumber. Your mind will be at peace after an evening of candlelit reading.

In today’s hectic world, carving out time for simple rituals like reading by candlelight provides much needed rest and rejuvenation. The hypnotic glow, comforting scents, and inspirational pages combine to nourish your soul. Make candlelit reading a regular stress-relieving escape and you’ll feel more centered, optimistic, and resilient to handle whatever comes your way.